Structural Support System


Structural Support System

INTECH FRP Structural Profiles

INTECH's structural support system is offered in three resin formulations in order to best match the requirements of specific application, namely; Vinylester (VE), Isophathalic Resin (ISO) and Isophathalic Fire Retardant (IFR).

INTECH’s structural profiles are manufactured by Pultrusion process and we are equipped with high volume production machines and capacity. Pultruded FRP profiles have a high strength-to-weight ratio than steel, wood or concrete. Other features and benefits included corrosion resistant, Non - conductive, non-magnetic, light weight, high strength, dimensional stability, low maintenance, weatherable surface, etc.


Application and Products
INTECH’s structural profiles are widely use in several type of application such as cooling technology, oil & gas, electrical, chemical plant, waste water treatment and other industry which is exposed to corrosive environment.

INTECH’s structural profiles are produced in various shape such as hollow section, round tube, C Channel, L angle, flat bar, solid rod and other special profiles. It is available in various resin and formulation for different application and specification. Custom design profile shape is available.

R&D and Certification
INTECH’s dedication towards excellent quality and continuous improvement are reflected in all its FRP products by having our R&D department.

Functions of this department included improvement in composite technology (formulation, finishing, properties, etc.) in-house test, product approval testing or certification from external parties, product development and others.

INTECH’s FRP structural profiles have been tested to comply with major international standard such as BS, ASTM, IEC and others.

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