Cable Ladder & Cable


Cable Ladder & Cable Tray

INTECH's cable ladder & cable tray (grade) is offered in three resin formulations in order to best match the requirements of specific application, namely; Anti-Static, Low Smoke (Anti-Static) Optional and Low Smoke

INTECH Cable Ladder/Tray System
INTECH Cable support system is widely use in several type of application especially in off-shore and oil gas industry. Our cable support system can be used in either new application or replacing of existing application which is exposed to most corrosive environment.

INTECH Cable Ladder Series
1) LH-E Series, 152 Ht 6mm thk - NEMA FG1 20B
2) LH Series, 152 Ht 6mm thk - NEMA FG1 16C
3) LMH Series 152 Ht 4.5mm thk - NEMA FG1 12C
4) LM Series 102 Ht 4.8mm thk - NEMA FG1 12B/8C

INTECH Cable Tray Series
1) TP-C Series, 50 Ht- 50W, 100W, 150W, 200W , 300 W, 400 W
2) TP-U Series, 50 Ht- 75W, 100W, 150W
3) TP(HD)-U Series, 50Ht -75W, 100W
4) HLU Series - Various W, Ht, thickness (Special custom made)



Cable Ladder & Cable Tray

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